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Support for Learning


Additional support for learning means giving children extra help or support so they can get the most out of their education and reach their fullest potential. A child or young person is said to have ‘additional support needs’ if they need more – or different support – to what is normally provided in schools to children of the same age.

Through the development of learning support, we strive to provide meaningful and equitable access to the curriculum to address difference and diversity in our school. Additionally, we respond positively to each individual's unique needs, enhance and motivate students to learn from multiple perspectives and improve academic and social skills, increase self-esteem and develop more positive relationships within our school community. Social integration and an appropriate behavioral attitude are essential components to success and fulfillment at school. For most students, this involves a healthy working relationship between teacher and students. Teachers are expected to take the time to foster relationships with both students and their families, to ensure continuity of care and adequate educational development in our students.  At International School Suva Primary our Learning Support Program is designed based on need. A referral process is used to develop programs and support.  For some students, social and behavioral needs can be directly related to their learning diversities. In some cases, the learning specialists may address these issues with students, such as developing more appropriate social skills. This can occasionally be done in cooperation with the School Counselor.

Where a student is 2 years below their peers a learning support fee is implemented so a full Individual Learning Plan can be developed and the appropriate support put in place.


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