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International School Suva

World Class Citizens ~ Life Long Learners


Thank you for your interest in International School Suva. Applications to the school are assessed on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the year. Please be aware that if a year level is full your child will be placed on a waiting list and considered for a place will only be given should one become available. 

International School Suva operates on a southern hemisphere academic timetable with the year running from January to December. At International School Suva we call the first formal year of school Reception and students entering Reception should have turned five years of age before 1st January of their year of entry. The table below shows the ages of children in each year level.
Primary School
Year  Student's age upon entry
ECH1  3 (turning 4)
ECH2  4 (turning 5)
Reception  5 (turning 6)
Year 1  6 (turning 7)
Year 2  7 (turning 8)
Year 3  8 (turning 9)
Year 4  9 (turning 10)
Year 5  10 (turning 11)

Seconadry School
Year  Student's age upon entry
Year 6  11 (turning 12)
Year 7  12 (turning 13)
Year 8  13 (turning 14)
Year 9  14 (turning 15)
Year 10  15 (turning 16)
Year 11  16 (turning 17)
Year 12  17 (turning 18)

More information on the Secondary School Admissions  process and requirements can be found here.

A copy of the enrolment form and prospectus can be downloaded. Completed enrolment applications and supporting documentation, should then be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Parents, with one child in the school, whose annual income is less than FJ $90,000 net per annum, and those with two or more children in the school and a total income of less than FJ$120,000 net, are eligible to apply for a 30% concession on tuition fees.  Please ask for or download the concession application form and return the completed application form to the principal.

TIN - Tax Identification Number

  1. What is a TIN?
    The Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is a unique identifier 9 alpha numeric issued by FRCS to identify all categories of tax and duty payers. The use of a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) helps us handle queries, trace correspondences and store information for each person that is registered for customs and tax purposes.
  1. Who is required to have TIN?
    It is compulsory for all Fiji Citizens to have a TIN.
  1. How to apply for a TIN? What are the requirement to obtain a TIN?

Taxpayer Type




  • Completed Application Form (Form IRS001)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (Certified/Full Original Extract) Photo Identification/Passport-Original (In absence certified Passport sized photo)
  • Completed Application Form (Form IRS001)
  • Photo page of passport
  • Copy of passport showing immigration stamp (if in Fiji)
  • Work permit/Student Visa (if Applicable)

Infant/ Toddlers
(up to 6 years)

  • Completed Application Form (Form IRS001)
  • Passport sized photo
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Parents TIN
  • Completed Application Form (Form IRS001)
  • Copy of the passport bio data page
  • Parents TIN


Enrolment Form
ISS Fee Concession Form