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International School Suva

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Board Committees

The School Board meets at least once a term and is supported by the work done by the board committees. There remit of the School Board is given in the Articles of Association. The Articles of Association are intended to facilitate the smooth and harmonious running of Board and all related Sub-Committees of International School Suva. The Articles aim to promote inclusive and equitable input from all members of the school community and to support the continuous improvement of International School Suva and the outcomes of all its students, whilst the roles of the subcommittees are defined in the Terms of Reference.

ISS Board and Committee Code of Conduct is available here.

Board Committees

Facilities Committee

William Weems  Chair of Facilities
Michael Daniel Wood  Board Representative
Malini Raghwan  Parent Representative
Vinesh Chand  Business Manager
Ram Bali  Construction Manager
Jake Varley  Head of Primary
Paul Horkan  Head of Secondary School
Thomas van der Wielen  Head of School
Ryan Ludher  Secondary School Representative
Rhiannon Macquire  Primary School Representative

Finance Committee

Alfereti Vamarasi   Chair of Finance | Treasurer
Vinesh Chand  Business Manager
Thomas van der Wielen  Head of School
Susan McGoon  Primary School Representative
Adrian Kumar  Secondary School Representative

Governance Committee

Joanna Batten  Chair of Governance
Laura Sasvari  Board Representative
Sam McAleese  Board Representative
Thomas van der Wielen  Head of School
Karishma Mani  School Representative
Vitalina Nabola  Primary School Representative
Adi Ana Nute  Secondary School Representative

Marketing Committee

William Weems  Chair of Marketing
Laura Sasvari  Board Representative
Sarah Young  Board Representative
Leanne Hunter  Board Representative
Paul Horkan  School Representative
Rebekah Soko  Parent Representative
Thomas van der Wielen  Head of School
Vitalina Nabola  Primary School Representative
Kereni Colawai School Representative