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International School Suva

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Extra-Curricular Activities

International School Suva Primary Activities


ISS is committed to rigorous and high academic standards and instillation of ideals of life-long learning and responsible global citizens. We strive to ensure that every student leaves ISS with an international understanding, an ability to think critically, act with compassion, care about themselves and others and display the attributes of School Wide Learner Outcomes.

Primary Extra-Curricular Activities Program

ISS Primary is committed to running a well-rounded extracurricular programme and offers a wide variety of lunchtime and after-school activities for students from reception to year 5. Teachers and outsourced providers are welcome to run activities that promote fun, social settings and learning opportunities for our students to meet others and try new experiences.

At ISS we believe that a strong activities programme, as part of the IB curriculum, helps prepare students to both enjoy and be successful in life. Through participating in the extra-curricular programme students learn lifelong skills that will help them succeed at in having a balanced lifestyle. Leadership, organisation, interpersonal skills, team work and a strong work ethic are some of the skills that our students learn through participation.

Activities are offered across the arts, sport, and service.

Activities generally run from 2:45 – 3:45pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes or afternoons. From time to time some sporting events may occur on Saturdays

Activities are publicised in advance and vary for each semester depending on availability of facilities and the skill sets of staff and the wider community. In the Primary School parents sign up for extracurricular activities through the primary office during the sign up period.  Information regarding Extra-curricular activities is provided in advance of sign-ups via email, school assemblies and Primary Bytes.

Types of Activities

Teacher Led:  Activities run by teachers, these are generally free of cost and run on a Tuesday and Wednesday after School or lunch time.

Outsourced Activities:  Activities run by a secondary organisation that may use onsight or off sight facilities.  These usually have a fee for attendance and all communication after the sign up is through the activity provider.


Primary runs 2 seasons of activities per year:

Season 1 - runs over term one and term two

Season 2 - runs over term three and term four

(Outsourced activities may continue over the course of the year)

Sign – up / registration

Registration is completed prior to the season beginning for current students on a first in basis.  Once activities are full there will be no further enrolments.  New families are welcome to sign up for available activities after their child starts school.