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International School Suva

World Class Citizens ~ Life Long Learners

Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

ISS is committed to rigorous and high academic standards and instillation of ideals of lifelong learning and responsible global citizens. We strive to ensure that every student leaves ISS with an international understanding, an ability to think critically, act with compassion, care about themselves and others and display the attributes of School-Wide Learner Outcomes. 

Our Vision

That every ISS student should have the confidence to be themselves, be independent in thought and action, be enterprising and prepared for life as a global citizen. International School Suva will strive to become the premier provider of primary and secondary education in the South Pacific where students will be exposed to a variety of learning experiences of the highest international standards that can assist them to achieve their maximum potential.


The ISS School wide Learner Outcomes:

  Inquirers Acquiring the skills necessary to conduct research and construct meaning, stimulating a love of learning that will be sustained throughout their lives. Demonstrate curiosity and value learning questioning the truth and principle behind concepts.
  Thinkers Exercising initiative in applying higher level thinking skills critically and creatively to make sound decisions, to solve complex problems and to reflect on findings.
  Communicators Receiving and expressing ideas and information confidently in more than one language or mode of communication, including the language of mathematical symbols, use of computer technology, and non-verbal modes of communication. Demonstrate effective listening skills. 
  Courageous Approaching and analysing unfamiliar situations with the confidence required to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. Showing the courage and commitment to articulate and defend their beliefs.
  Knowledgeable Exploring themes which have global and local relevance and importance, in order to acquire a critical mass of knowledge and skills in a range of significant subject areas.
  Principled Having a sound grasp of the principles of moral reasoning. Displaying integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness and justice. Advocacy for those unable to speak for themselves and for just causes.
  Caring Showing sensitivity towards the needs and the feelings of others. Displaying self-respect, self-esteem and being enthusiastically involved in the community. Developing the skills knowledge and compassion to empower others and serve the community.
  Open-minded Respecting the views, values and traditions of others. Seeking and considering a range of perspectives with sensitivity and tolerance.
  Balanced Understanding the importance of physical, spiritual and mental balance and personal well-being. Taking action through participating in a wide range of cross-cultural activities including the arts and sport.
  Reflective Giving thoughtful consideration to learning and analysing personal strengths and weaknesses in a constructive manner.